6:30-9:00 pm

Pre-Event Instructions*

  1. You will be required to pre-register your team and vehicle. Register below.
  2. Include your team name, names of those in your car, and cell phone number which will be used to converse throughout the evening.
  3. Please provide us will your vehicle info including; make, model, color, and if possible a photo of the vehicle for our vehicle cheat sheet.
  4. You can email your vehicle photo to pastorsteve@thenewlife.ca (if your photo includes the license plate it will be blacked out). 
  5. Night begins at 6:30 pm where you can visit the Café OneSixteen Drive Thru and purchase snacks to enjoy during the game.
  6. Game ending at approximately 9:00 pm.

Game Play Instructions*

  1. You will receive a map which has boundaries outlined on it. Please stay within those boundaries.
  2. While we are in the church parking lot I will randomly select a team to start and hide giving them a five minute head start.
  3. The Host (Pastor Steve) will be in contact with you via text message as the game goes on. Giving clues or instructions
  4. The Hiders can choose to give the Seekers a clue by texting the Host and the Host will send to all Seekers.
  5. The Hiders must stay in their vehicle and the vehicle must be in plain sight. You are not permitted to cover it or disguise it in any way.
  6. Once the Hiders have been found the team that found them becomes the next Hiders.
  7. You will receive a text informing you of the team that found the Hiders and that a new round is beginning.
  8. Use your cheat sheet to help you identify the next team hiding.

*Rules and Gameplay instructions are subject to change.

Any questions please call or email Pastor Steve.