You made it to the final stage of this mission. Are all the teams together? Or could you offer some help to teams that may need your help. You can back track to help another team join you in the locomotive. 

  • THIS IS URGENT... the train has already passed the final station, Elma Station, and is only 15 minutes from crashing into Union Station in Winnipeg. You don't have much time. HURRY!

    Each team should have gathered a critical piece of information to rewire the control panel and activate the emergency brakes. 

    It is crucial that you work together and place the wires in the correct spot as you have no time to lose. I'm sure you have already looked at the control panel.  It appears that a flat head screw driver is needed to tighten down the screws. You must turn the switches on in order from left to right.

    1. Main Power
    2. Hydraulic Brake
    3. Emergency Air Brake
    4. Emergency Brake System
    If at any point the lights do not light up you have the wires in the wrong position. 

    Once all the lights illuminate then Engage The Brakes.  


    Good Luck Team!

    What is the sequence of colors?

    (letters, no spaces)