To ignite PASSION in students, through the POWER of the gospel, for the PURPOSE of PROCLAIMING Jesus name.

Geared for teens from grade 7-12!

Come for great activities, games, hang-time and an easy going atmosphere to help you connect with God and each other.

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RECHARGE  l  Wednesday Night Bible Study  l  6:30-8:00pm

IGNITE NIGHT  l  Friday Night  l  7:00-9:30pm


A relaxing and engaging Bible study experience.

Wednesday Nights  l  6:30-8:00pm


Our screens have incredible power in our lives. With the click of a button, we can connect to anyone across the globe in an instant. With a simple search, we can discover everything from today’s weather forecast, to tutoring for a difficult math problem, to the ins and outs of our favorite celebrity’s love life. Our screens can inspire us, but they can also distract us and make us mindlessly conform to what we see.

Our phones, laptops, and TVs are some of the most powerful objects in our lives. Will you let them change your life or will you use them to change the world?

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ignite night events

Friday Nights  l  7:00-9:30pm

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  • Pastor Steve Harder


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  • Jesse & Kayla Bonello

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  • Dana Ursula

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