Are the Ten Commandments just a list of rules we are supposed to obey? Do they still apply today? And if so, how do we apply the commandments to our lives?

God First and Foremost

God loved Israel before they had deserved it, and he extends the same unconditional love to us today. Albert reminded us that God loved us first and continues to love us best. And, as we receive his perfect love, it begins to transform us from within.

The first commandment sets the tone for what God expects of his people—a life fully devoted to God, loving him above any person, place, or thing. That means our lives should look different from those around us. Our thoughts, words, and actions serve our Creator in loving obedience.

This week, prioritize intentional time with God to speak to and hear from him. Evaluate how your life is or may not be centered around God and his kingdom. Ask those around you how you are keeping God first and how you can continue to pursue God’s heart.