Here at the Clubhouse, the current theme is Bugs....

Wait a second..... Bugs???

The cool thing about bugs is that they have different characteristics that make them unique. Starting with the caterpillar and ending our series with a butterfly will surely help us grow into the person God has called us to be.

Join us after worship to have fun, play games, and learn about how God can transform us into the person God has called us to be!

Special Note: memorize the verse for bonus Clubcash each week


The heavens declare the glory of God;

    the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

PSALM 19:1

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Main Scripture - John 1:35-42, John’s Disciples Follow Jesus

Caterpillars are bugs with a promise: one day, they will be butterflies. Jesus’ disciples were simple fishermen when they first met him, but Jesus would transform them just as He can transform us.

Here are some great discussion starters:

- Who were some of the first disciples Jesus chose?

- How did God use these men to do great things?

- What are some things you can do to prepare yourself for God’s plans?

Parent Reflection:

In this new series, kids will learn some lessons about following Christ through studying bugs. It is our prayer that your kids will be like caterpillars, eating up what God has to teach them so that he can transform them!



Main Scripture - Psalm 100, Giving Grateful Praise

You can’t ignore the crickets; they are loud and they demand to be heard. God wants us to raise our voices and praise the Lord at all times.

Here are some great discussion starters:

- Why do we need to praise Jesus?

- When should we praise Jesus?

- What is one thing you want to praise Jesus for that happened today?

Parent Reflection:

Praise is not just for Sunday morning. God wants us to praise him at all times. Ask God to fill your heart and the hearts of your children with praise!



Main Scripture - Matthew 5:13-16, Salt and Light

In the summertime, few things light up the night like fireflies. God wants us to be his light in this world so others can find Jesus.

Here are some great discussion starters:

- What does it mean to be the light of the world?

- How can we share Jesus’ light with others?

- What is one thing you can do to show God’s love to someone this week?

Parent Reflection:

As God’s people, we are meant to stand out. God wants us to be a light in the darkness, showing people the right way to live and God’s love. Pray that your kids will have the courage to be light as they grow in Christ.



Main Scripture - Acts 2:14-41, Peter’s First Sermon

Remember the caterpillar we talked about in week one? Now, he is a butterfly. God wants to transform us like butterflies too. Peter’s life shows us how God can transform us into courageous witnesses for Jesus.

Here are some great discussion starters:

- How did Jesus transform his disciple Peter?

- How does the Holy Spirit transform us?

- How would you tell a friend that Jesus could transform their heart?

Parent Reflection:

Sharing Jesus with others is a vital part of being a believer. Pray that God will give you and your kids the words and the courage to be witnesses to the world so that Jesus can transform lives!